Thursday, November 29, 2007

Editing Practice

Edit the Sentences Below.
1.On wednesdays bill and alice play in the weekly soccer game
2. we will have a picnic in the park on independence Day.
3. mark twain was born in the town of florida missouri
4. i have no words to describe the happiness I felt, said the Man.
5. "there is little chance of a shark attack," he said as the shark circled him. "i have never seen a shark near this beach."
6. mrs. smith and her husband met while they were working with the peace corps in ethiopia.
7. on january 1, 1942, the rose bowl game was played in north carolina.
8. tom said, "trust me. it wasn't huck's fault."
9. our whole family helped grandma and grandpa paint their house.
10. tom tricked becky into painting the fence

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