Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Math Wizards Club

Below is some information on my new Math Wizards Club, where members attempt challenging math problems to win fun prizes! If you’d like, feel free to pass it on!

Introducing the Math Wizards Club, where math is fun! There are 2 groups for grades 3 to 5 and grades 6 -8. Each day a new math challenge is posted. Everyone has 24 hours to attempt the challenge. Everyone who submits the correct answer receives 5 tickets to win a prize, everyone who attempts to answer the challenge will receive 1 ticket to encourage participation.

Every Monday, there is a weekly winner. The prizes range from pencils to calculators to ???? The more club members, the greater the prize value. Once a month a grand prize is also given. Grand prizes will include Barnes and Noble Gift Certificates, Best Buy Gift Certificates, to ??????? Each ticket earned stays in the raffle for 30 days!

Want even more chances to win?

* Every week a “homework assignment” will be posted. This assignment will include 2-4 pages of practice problems. Return homework assignments for 10 tickets!

* Invite your friends to become Math Wizards. If your friend joins the Math Wizards Club you will earn 10 tickets. If you and your siblings join, each child will also receive 10 tickets.

Cost is $9.95 per month.