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Inauguration Lesson Plan

Homeschool Teacher - Lesson Plan & NewsletterJan 20, 2008


Today Barack Obama will be sworn in as America’s 44th president. The President lives in the White House. Take a tour here:

Learn more about the history of inauguration here:

Then answer the following questions:
1. What year was the first inauguration?
2. What vow does the president take? What words does he say?

Learn more about what will happen today here:

Learn more about Barack Obama here:
And here:

Writing Prompt
What do you think it would be like to be President? Write about it!

When Barack Obama is sworn in on inauguration day, he will stand at the presidential podium to give his speech. Make your own podium to celebrate this historic day here:

Don’t Forget the math challenge!

For an extra 5 tickets, try this bonus challenge!

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