Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiger Woods Reading Comprehension

Tiger Woods at age 21 is the youngest person to ever to win a professional golf tournament. One of the reasons for his success is that he can hit the ball over 300 yards, longer than any other golfer.

Many think he is an overnight success because of his young age, however this is not so. His success has stemmed from hard work, devotion to practice, and determination to succeed.
It all started at age two when his father, Earl started giving his son his first golf lesson. By age 4 Tiger was competing and winning against children who were more than twice his age. With his father’s encouragement and help, and his mother, Kultidara’s love and family devotion Tiger grew into a mature, responsible young man.

His mother has also helped him in an unusual way. She thought that wearing red would bring him luck and help him win. Like a good respectful son Tiger followed his mother’s advice and he won!

1. How far can Tiger Woods hit a golf ball?

2. How old was he when he started playing golf?

3. What color is lucky for Tiger Woods?

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