Thursday, March 13, 2008

Uranus Reading Comprehension

Classification Uranus is the third largest planet, about 4 times bigger than Earth! Based on classification by size, Uranus is one of the giant planets or gas giants. The other three giants planets are: Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. These gas giants all have diameters greater than 48000 kilometers. Since Uranus is a gas planet, it doesn't have a solid surface like the Earth.

Where is Uranus? Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It is 1 billion, 783 million miles from the sun. Uranus is more than 19 times farther from the sun than Earth is. It is so far away from the sun that light takes two hours and forty minutes to get there, which makes Uranus very very cold!

Time Flies! Time passes much slower on Uranus than on Earth. A year on Uranus is 84 Earth-years long. The days are faster though, one day is 17 hours long.

1. Uranus is the ______ planet from the sun.
A. Fifth B. Eighth C. Seventh D. Sixth

2. Uranus is the ______ largest planet.
A. Third B. Second C. Fourth

3. Uranus has a solid surface just like Earth.
False True

4. Uranus is called a ______.
A. Gas giant B. Rocky planet C. Dwarf planet

5. A year on Uranus is ______.
A. 27 Earth-years B. 84 Earth-years C. 19 Earth-years D. The same as a year on Earth

6.A day on Uranus is ______.
A. 27 hours B. 84 hours C. 17 hours D. The same as a day on Earth

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