Monday, December 10, 2007

Pringle Can Nutcracker Craft

You can make a Nutcracker craft somilar to the other Christmas Pringle Can crafts above:
  • Empty Pringles® Potato Chip can or paper towel Roll
  • Felt-various colors
  • Craft fur, fiberfil,l or cotton balls for hair (optional)
  • Tacky craft glue or low temp hot glue
  • Rubber bands or masking tape to help hold things in place
  • Yarn, ribbons, braid, trim feathers, buttons, fabric paint, etc.
  • Thin cardboard to extend the hat beyond the top of the can, cereal box cardboard works well


1. Cover the can or paper towel roll with bands of felt for the shoes, boots, pants, jacket, face and hat. If necessary, glue an extra tube to the top of the can (overlap about an inch) if you want to make your nutcracker taller. Use rubber bands or masking tape to hold together while drying.

2. Add details to your nutcracker. If you are planning on using fabric paint, wait until you are almost finished to avoid smudging.

3. Make a line down the center of the legs with yarn or a thin strip of felt.

4. Arms and hands can be made of rolled tubes of felt. If you are adding trim to the jacket, put trim on first before adding arms.

5. Felt, craft fur, fiberfill or cotton balls can be used for hair.

6. Cut a rectangle out of skin tone felt for the nutcracker’s mouth. Add eyes and a nose.

7. Decorate your nutcracker with ribbon, braid, buttons, feathers, etc. Use your imagination!

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Liza said...

Wow Kelly, this is very interesting. Now I won't throw away those pringles cans. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. Have a great day!